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Welcome to Pam Bennett for Aurora City Council



I am running for Aurora City Council because I want to help Aurora achieve its full potential as a world class city. I am a veteran and a Commissioner on the City of Aurora Veterans Affairs Commission. I have worked in businesses large and small. I volunteer in our community to help others.


 I have a diverse background and can bring many resources to the challenges ahead. I will use the strength and experience that I have gained to help the City of Aurora address its variety of challenges during the next four years.


Aurora is emerging as a major U.S. city and a city with a great future. Our city needs a leader ready to work hard for that future.  We find ourselves at a time where we must find the path to economic growth and quality of life.  Our working men and women and our neighbors need the economic security of a strong working city. Bringing jobs to Aurora is important for our future.

Aurora needs a leader during these difficult economic times; a leader working to bring jobs for our working men and women.  Aurora has the start of our future as a healthcare city with medical care and research at Fitzsimmons and the world class healthcare facilities throughout our great city. This is an opportunity few cities ever have. These jobs and jobs created by digital marketing firms will be the new Aurora.


Veterans, Active Duty, Guard, Families, Civilians and Contractors

 Aurora has a long history of being home to the various branches of the U. S. military.  From the Army and Air Force at Lowry AFB and the U. S. Army's Fitzsimons Medical Post; the Navy at Buckley Naval Air Station, which is now the only active Air Force Base in Aurora; and the various detachments of Marines and National Guard Units.


I am a U. S. Air Force veteran, I was stationed at Lowry AFB for training during 1972 and 1973.  I returned to Lowry and Aurora in 1976 for my discharge from active duty.  Currently I am a Commissioner with the City of Aurora Veterans Affairs Commission.


About one third of Aurora citizens are directly involved in the military.  40,000 veterans live here; 36,600 retirees and their dependents live here; over 6,000 active duty and Guard/Reserve troops live here.  Adding in civilians working for the Department of Defense and the contractors, there are 90,000 military people here.


I will proudly represent the military on city council.  I am proud of my service.


We as a military city should be flying the POW-MIA flag everyday on every city flag pole.  I have been trying to get the city to do this for several years.  I and the other Commissioners are now going around to various people and companies asking for them to sponsor a flag pole.  This is should be a city duty and responsibility.  We should also be encouraging all businesses in Aurora to fly the POW-MIA flag everyday too.


I want to be the leader you vote for this November 3.

Your support is critical for me to win this seat and put a Progressive on the Aurora City Council. 

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Pam Bennett

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