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  • Improving our quality of life through smart growth policies that will control the extreme development that is constantly taking over our eastern prairie. We need to use what we have more efficiently instead of continually developing new areas. We have many usable locations to redevelop now that are close to our working population.

  • Managing our water rates with the right growth policies that will allow us to build our water resources to match our cities best growth. We must carefully utilize our new Prairie Waters Project to stabilize our water needs that exist now. Then we can develop more land as we need it.

  • Bringing high quality jobs to Aurora such as expanding upon the jewel of our community - the Fitzsimmons Medical Center - by creating a world-renowned, medical research facility that could create thousands of high paying jobs. We have the land and access right now along I-225 to build a great medical campus.

  • Improving transportation to Aurora with highway, rail and bus service. Circulator buses to serve our community and work centers. We need Aurora service, between Aurora home, work and shopping areas.

  • Increasing the fiscal discipline the City of Aurora needs. We need to bring our focus of spending from potential development to our current city needs. We cannot continue developing areas that are without proper police and fire protection.

Nine Mile Station
Nine Mile Light Rail Station



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