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Pam Bennett Works for Family Friendly Water Rates PDF Print E-mail

Coverage on Channel 7 News - Story (Watch the video to see the comments by Pam Bennett.)

Aurora, CO:  Pam Bennett, Aurora City Council At-Large candidate, has stated her desire to modify the current water rate structure making it more family friendly as soon as she is sworn in on the city council. Because the current water rate structure can create severe hardships on families of all income levels, Pam will immediately work on a family tier that allows for large families and families with special needs so they do not exceed the minimum cost per thousand gallon.


“Common sense says that a family of 2 adults and 3 teenagers, will use more water then a home where the children have moved out and only come home for holidays”, Bennett noted, “We have to be smart about how we charge for our water.”  “We must not put our families who practice conservation in the same catagory as water wasters” 

“I am walking through neighborhoods and talking to hundreds of Aurora’s citizens each week, and they all are surprised and upset at what their water bills are now”, Bennett stated, “many of them tell me about their conservation efforts that continue from the severe drought year of 2002, and how upset they are about high bills in spite of those efforts” 

While walking through Aurora neighborhoods Bennett points out the immediate effect of the high water bills, “People are smart and know the first thing they have to do is decide to water the yard or pay the mortgage.  The yards are drying up as people make that hard decision to protect their homes.” 

“I also want to change our landscaping requirements for many low water uses.  We are a high plains desert and should be able to give homeowners and businesses the opportunity to design with that in mind”, Bennett said.


Expressing her concerns about the public being caught off guard by the increasing water bills in June, Bennett remarked “We must use every tool available and make the effort to let all our citizens know about major changes in their city. This is 2007 and we have many ways of contacting citizens that were not available 20 years ago.”  Bennett added that “We must have informed citizens.  Although we are a large city, giving all citizens the opportunity to be involved should be the highest priority.”


 “We will need to revisit many areas of water costs before the best solution is found”, Bennett commented when talking about the entire water supply issue. “Water and water rates have been my issue from the very start of my campaign.” 




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